For the most up to date information on all Divisions Eligibility Requirements (directly from the NCAA) please click on the following link:  


If you intend to play college sports for an NCAA Division I or II school, it is essential that you do the following in order to qualify to receive an athletic scholarship: 

·              Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse. Coaches cannot officially contact you until you do this. There is a fee, which can be waived only if you are on this year’s free or reduced lunch list. If you are, email Ms. O’Connell at  after you’ve registered, so she can waive your fee. 

·               Take the SAT or ACT. Division I schools have a sliding scale used to match test scores and core GPAs. Division II schools require a minimum SAT math and reading score of 820, or an ACT sum score of 68. Consult the College Office staff

(Rm. 194) if you need help registering for these tests. 

·               Ask your Guidance Counselor or Grade Advisor if you are eligible to play Division I or II. He or she will go over your transcript and check that you have the classes required by the NCAA. The earlier you do this, the better, so that you have time to take any missing classes. For example, if you took general science, you will have to take another year of science classes. If you took 3-term algebra or geometry, you will have to take an extra year of 2-term math. Consult your counselor to be sure. 

·               Earn the minimum NCAA-approved GPA in your academic classes.  Division I schools require a 78% minimum in your academic classes for you to be eligible for competition. They require at least a 75% to be eligible for athletics aid and practice. Division II schools require a minimum 75%, period. Since this average often doesn’t include electives such as your learning center classes, it is essential that you consult with your Guidance Counselor, as mentioned above. 

You will not be eligible for athletics aid if you don’t do these tasks ASAP, no matter how good of an athlete you are. Fall of Junior year is ideal for making sure you are on track.