Susan E. Wagner High School

Richmond University Medical Center School-Based Health Center!


       Dear Parent or Guardian:

We are happy to inform you that your child will be able to receive health care services at Susan E. Wagner High School. Susan E. Wagner High School has an On-Site School Based Health Center (SBHC) run by Richmond University Medical Center as part of its ambulatory health network. The SBHC will be staffed by Richmond University Medical Center licensed medical and mental health professionals.

At the School Based Health Center, your child can receive the services listed below at no cost to you, regardless of insurance status. The SBHC is allowed to bill insurance, however there are no co-pays for you, and you do not receive a bill.

Available School Based Health Center Services

                              ·     Complete physical examinations                                                         ·     Health Education and Counseling                             

                              ·     Medications and prescriptions                                                             ·     Mental Health Counseling and services

                              ·     Medical laboratory tests; Immunizations                                             ·     Screening for vision, hearing, asthma, obesity, and other medical conditions;

                              ·     Medical care, including treatment for acute and chronic conditions    ·     Access to care 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

                              ·     Age appropriate reproductive health care                     

Please know that your child can use the School-Based Health Center and see your other doctors as well.   Signing this consent does not change your insurance, does not change your private doctor, and does not affect the number of times your child can see their primary doctor.

If you wish to have your child receive services from our School Based Health Center, you need to complete and sign the enclosed Parental Consent Form.  The Richmond University Medical Center Notice of Privacy Practice is available to you at the School Based Health Center Room 174.

Please return the completed parental consent form to the Principal’s Main Office at Susan E. Wagner High School, Room 108.  The form can also be brought to the health center which is located in Room 174.

     The School Based Health Center is located in Room 174 of your child’s school and will be open every school day between the hours of 7:30am- 3:30pm.

     We look forward to meeting you and providing your child quality health care. Feel free to visit us at the School Based Health Center. If you have questions about the health center

     services please call our manager at (718) 818-1200 for more information.



Milla Ahmadullina, MPA

Program Manager SBHC

Richmond University Medical Center




David A. Cugini, Principal

Susan E. Wagner High School