National Honor Society

Advised by Ms. Moscato & Ms. Gambino, The National Honor Society (NHS) is a society of students who have achieved and continue to achieve outstanding performance in the areas of service, scholarship, leadership, and character.  Once a year, these students are recognized for their achievements at a special ceremony.  Once they have been initiated into the society, the students form a tight bond as they work together to perform service for their school and community.  NHS members also enjoy meeting other students while they work as peer tutors. 

According to the National Honor Society’s constitution, freshmen are not eligible for membership.  However, freshmen must have met the NEW requirements that are stated below during their first year (2017-2018) to ensure membership sophomore year.  All freshmen and upperclassmen who have met the following requirements by June 2018 will receive an application in the FALL 2018. Please be sure to see Ms. Moscato or Ms. Gambino in mid-September 2018 if you think you should have received an application.  

Eligibility for the Initiation for the 2018- 2019 School Year: 

1. Scholarship:

·         You must be at least a first semester sophomore.

·         You must have been in attendance at Susan E. Wagner High School for a minimum of one semester.

·         Sophomores must have a 92 or above cumulative weighted average on the Spring‘ 18 transcript.

·         Juniors and Seniors must have a 90-cumulative weighted average on the Spring' 18 transcript. 

2. Service:

·         You must have completed at least one full semester of documented school or community service (at least 50 hours).  The service must voluntary and done without compensation.

Ø  For school service, students can have staff members sign the applications in the fall. 

Ø  For community service, students must provide signed paperwork on the organization’s letterhead that states the number of completed hours.  Community service is done for the community at large—not a student’s own family or neighbor.  See Miss Moscato or Ms. Gambino with any questions. 

·         All service must be voluntary and done without compensation 

3. Leadership:

·         You must have participated in documented leadership activities, such as clubs or teams, in school or your community for at least one full semester.  

4.  Character:

·         You will need the recommendations of three faculty members (to be filled out on the application in the fall) as well as a good attendance record. 

This summer is a great time to perform your 50 hours of community service!  Remember to obtain letters of documentation whenever you volunteer. You must still be performing service at the time of the fall interview.  This may be the same or different type of service.