School Profile

As a large comprehensive high school, Susan E. Wagner High School is able to offer its students a rigorous academic program with a wide range of required and elective courses, as well as college approved courses.  Additionally, Wagner High School offers extracurricular and co- curricular activities including 42 teams and over 50 clubs.  Within this setting, students participate in a Learning Center, based on their interest and academic performance.  Each Center serves as a small learning community with an exclusively assigned assistant principal, teacher-coordinator, guidance counselor, dean, attendance assistant. 


Academy of Finance

The Academy of Finance is a four-year program that prepares students to work in the business world in banks, insurance companies, and the stock market.  The Academy is an exciting, challenging program that includes trips, guest speakers and competition in the Federal Reserve Challenge.  In addition, students will participate in an internship experience during the summer preceding their senior year.  This will enable students to gain firsthand experience in the business world. 

Academy of Language and Culture

The Academy of Language and Culture is a four year program that prepares students for the diverse world in which we live.  The Academy allows students to explore various languages and cultures.  Students accepted into our esteemed Academy will have the opportunity to enroll in courses that emphasize the mastery of languages, SAT preparation, and cultural awareness.  Members of the Academy will participate in various events that allow them to build and develop leadership and organizational skills.  Students may take part in internships, field trips, international trips and other exciting events allowing for a full hands-on learning experience. 

Academy of the Sciences

The Academy of the Sciences offers a multifaceted curriculum and co-curricular approaches to medical technology education with an emphasis towards “hands on” learning.  Students receive training which prepares them for a career in the field of health care and medical technology.  This includes forensics, EMT, MedTech, as well as other areas. 

Air Force Junior ROTC

The goals of AFJROTC are to instill in high school cadets the values of: citizenship, personal responsibility and accomplishment. The program encourages the development of self reliance, discipline, leadership, and a respect for a democratic society.  The students have   the opportunity to participate in various field trips, summer programs, and leadership positions. 

Entrepreneurs Academy

The Entrepreneurs Academy is an in-school entrepreneurship program and global business simulation that draws on the tradition of apprenticeships, transforming students into business executives and classrooms into office settings.  Open to all students, this learning center empowers and motivates participants to develop a range of academic, business, technology, and professional skills that prepares them for success in post-secondary education, employment, and the community. 

Exploration Academy

The Exploration Academy offers students an opportunity to investigate the complex relationships among geography, politics, technology and the ways in which people live in the 21st century.  Based upon the Human Geography curriculum, the interdisciplinary nature of this learning center enables students to discover and apply the key ideas that connect the traditional academic subject areas. 

Institute for Law and Politics

Students may apply for admission to this program, which offers enriched law and law-related courses.  Activities available to the students include the Law Partnership program, which provides an internship with our partners from the world of law and government. 

Institute for the Theatrical Arts (Performing Arts)

Theatrical Arts offers a comprehensive program of study which includes all aspects of theatre.  Courses include: acting, stage design, musical theater, directing, and play writing.  The Theatre Department plays a large role in producing the annual spring musical. Recent shows include: In the Heights, Les Miserables, Guys and Dolls, and West Side Story. In addition to the musical, theatre students have the opportunity to showcase their talents in Sing, holiday and spring shows, and dramatic theatre productions. 

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy provides a unique setting where students and teachers work in non-traditional classrooms and special peer group sessions.  The Academy guidance counselor provides guidance support, and the teacher coordinator provides instruction in Social Studies and Leadership in the 10th through 12th  grades.  The Leadership class focuses on leadership skills and community service. 

Media Arts Academy

The purpose of Media is to educate our students in the basics of media production which includes proper public speaking techniques and etiquette, professional appearance, working with a team, and working independently.   Additionally, students will be educated in the basics of preproduction, production, post production, filming commercials, music videos, editing video, budgeting for productions, and video journalism. 

Music Institute (Performing Arts)

Music offers instrumental courses for beginning and experienced students, including: symphonic, jazz, concert, intermediate, beginning and marching bands, beginning and advanced guitar, and beginning piano.  Vocalists of all levels have the opportunity to perform in the chorus, as well as in Sing and the spring musical.  The music program has won top honors in competition at the NYSSMA Festival held annually in New York, as well as nationwide in locations including Orlando, Boston and Virginia. 

Scholars Academy

Students with outstanding academic ability may apply to our Scholars Academy.  Once accepted into our prestigious Academy, students are enrolled in courses which emphasize inquiry, critical thinking, and research skills.  An interdisciplinary approach to ideas, concepts, and attitudes guides participants through a comprehensive and challenging exploration of culture and heritage using the resources of NYC as an extension of our school. 

Sports Management Academy

The Sports Management Academy is a four year program with a rigorous and informative curriculum based on themes and trends in the sports industry.  Topics will include legal concepts, sports finance and marketing, anatomy and physiology, sports in film, and leisure and recreational management. Students will participate in group projects, internships and various informational excursions to local sports venues. 

Visual Arts Academy

The Art Department offers a wide variety of courses and many opportunities for students to showcase their skills.  In addition to basic and major art courses, special courses in fashion design, computer graphic design, photography, and portfolio creation are designed to insure that each student will reach his or her potential through the creation of original work.  Susan E. Wagner High School art students have numerous accolades from participation in many local, regional, and national competitions. 

Vocational Preparatory

The purpose of the Vocational Preparatory Learning Center is to prepare students for meaningful post secondary employment.  Following a standards based adapted curriculum as specified by the New York State Department of Education, students also receive instruction in developing vocationally oriented skills and the opportunity to apply these skills in a variety of real world work situations.  After their freshman year, students devote an increasing amount of instructional time either at volunteer worksites or participating in the operation of the Falcon’s Nest (school store) and Falcon’s Café (eatery) where they receive hands-on experience in all aspects of operating a modern retailing and dining venue.  


Instructional Support Services at Susan E. Wagner High School offers a wide array of services and is one of the more diverse programs in New York City day high schools.  These services are consistent with the philosophy of IDEIA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004): students are more alike than different and integrating programs and resources result in improved student outcomes for all.  The services offered are as follows:

·         Special classes (NYC diploma bound and/or Career Development   Occupational Skills Seal) with opportunities for collaborative team teaching and/or general education class placement.

·         Special classes (NYC Skills and Achievement Certificate) where students participate in a Vocational Preparatory Learning Center skills development programming where they will learn the skills to help them prepare for meaningful post secondary school employment.

·         SETSS (Special Education Teacher Support Services) where general education students receive academic support in a resource room or within the context of the general education class. 

·         Related Services (Counseling, Speech and Language Therapy, Physical Therapy), Vision Services and Hearing Education Services, and Adaptive Physical Education. 


Honors Classes

Students who meet the academic requirements and who wish to have an enriched program in particular disciplines may be selected to participate in Honors classes.  These special classes, offered in most major subject areas, provide research opportunities and supplementary activities. 

Student Government

The Student Government provides students with the opportunity to gain leadership skills by representing their student constituents.  The S.G. oversees the multifaceted aspect of extracurricular life that is an integral component to the overall well being of the Wagner community. 

Council for Unity

Council for Unity is a class which addresses issues relating to school unity and safety and concerns of young people today.  The projects in which they plan and implement directly contribute to a positive and unified school tone. 

Mediation Center

Under the supervision of the Wagner High school Dean’s office, the Mediation Center provides students with the opportunity to resolve conflicts in a neutral setting.  This process helps students gain a greater understanding of themselves, respect for other’s points of view and develop mediation and negotiation skills. 

Foreign Language Teaching Program

In addition to St. John’s University partnerships in Spanish, Italian and   French, Susan E. Wagner High School is one of the few schools in New York City that offers Latin. Students praise the study of Latin for expanding their English vocabulary and for the etymological connections to many other languages.  Foreign language students may participate in our student teaching program, traveling to local elementary schools where they teach younger students. 


National Honor Society (NHS)

In order to be accepted into the National Honor Society at Susan E. Wagner High School, students must meet requirements in the areas of character, scholarship, leadership, and service.  They must obtain a 90 or above cumulative weighted average, participate in a club or team, and monitor for a staff member or in the community for at least one term.  They must also be at least a sophomore.  Once inducted, students participate in various drives and school events and, in the process, develop lifelong friendships. 

Perfect Attendance

Students receive perfect attendance certificates if they are not absent for the fall semester and/or the spring semester.  At graduation, students are honored who have had perfect attendance for their entire high school career. 

Honor Roll

Student averages will be computed and certificates will be awarded at the end of each term through official classes.  Students must maintain, at a minimum, the following overall averages with no failing classes: 

                                   Honor Roll with Distinction – 90% or higher

                                   Honor Roll with Merit – 80% or higher 

Award for Academic Achievement

Awarded to students who attain a final grade of 90% or higher in a subject area.  

Award for Citizenship – Special Education

This certificate is awarded through the Instructional Support Services Department to students who have demonstrated significant achievement and participation in school service activities. 


Our University Program offers eligible students the opportunity to take many college level courses, which total well over 80 college credits.  Additionally, this program offers SAT/ACT Preparation and the opportunity for students to take high school courses that have received College Preparatory certification. 

Advanced Placement

Our students may earn college credits by taking Advanced Placement courses, which culminate in the examinations given each spring.  The academic rigor associated with the curriculum of these courses, as well as the higher weighting, provides students with a great advantage when applying to colleges and universities. Advanced Placement courses are offered in Biology, Calculus AB, English Literature and Composition, English Language and Composition, French Language, Spanish Language, World History, Human Geography, U.S. Government & Politics, United States History. 

College Now

Students participate in college-level or college preparatory courses tuition-free.  These courses are given either before or after the regular school day.  Course offerings are in areas of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Business, Communications, Criminal Justice, English, Entrepreneurship, Humanities, Mathematics, and Science. Students receive college and high school credit.  College Now courses are offered through CUNY colleges. Students also may participate in freshman orientation courses designed to assist them in making a smooth transition from high school to college. 

St. John’s University College Advantage Program

Susan E. Wagner High School is partnered with St. Johns University in providing students with the opportunity to earn college credits while taking challenging courses during their regular school day schedule.  The academic rigor associated with the curriculum of these courses provides students with a great advantage when applying to colleges and universities.  Additionally, students can earn college credit which translates into a huge financial benefit since these courses are accepted by most major universities.  These courses include: Italian Grammar, Italian Culture, French in Action/Advanced Placement French, French Culture, Spanish Grammar I, Spanish Grammar II/Advanced Placement Spanish, Advanced Placement Biology I, Advanced Placement Biology II, Advanced Placement Literature and Composition, Opera, Accounting, Digital Photography, Drawing and Illustration, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Advanced Acting, U.S. History and World Geography. 

Wagner College Pre-College Programs

Susan E. Wagner High School is partnered with Wagner College to offer college-credit courses to highly motivated and academically skilled 11th and 12th grade high school students at their 105 acres of beautifully landscaped, safe, state-of-the-art Staten Island campus.  The first type of pre-college program is designed to run the entire academic semester while the second program allows students to take accelerated college courses over the summer. 

The course offerings include:  Filmmaking, History, Microbiology, Theatre, and Ways of Knowing – Paths to College Success. 

SAT Preparation Program

SAT preparation is offered via, free of charge. This website links with each student’s Collegeboard account to provide personalized help for the SAT. Additionally, prep courses are available offsite by numerous test prep companies including Princeton Review, Revolution Prep, TestTakers, and Kaplan. Contact information is available in the College and Career Office.

College Preparatory Course Certification

This certification is designated to high school courses that are academically rigorous.  A careful quantitative analysis by the New York City Department of Education has determined that students who pass these courses have a higher rate of college persistence.  At Wagner High School the following courses meet this criteria:  Anatomy and Physiology, Forensics, Pre-Calculus, Psychology and Virtual Enterprise. 


The College and Career Office offers services such as one-to-one advising, college presentations, college visits, College Newsletters, college catalogue files, college applications and college entrance exams.  The College and Career Center, located in the school library, provides access to Naviance, the college related website and SAT/ACT tutorial. 


Susan E. Wagner High School uses Naviance, a web-based service designed especially for students and parents.  This program allows us to track and analyze data about our students’ college and career plans, make recommendations for each student, and send documents to colleges.  Students use Naviance to build resumes, complete on-line surveys, research scholarships, and manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers.  They also use it to research colleges by comparing GPA, standardized test scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from students who have already applied from our high school.  Unlike other computer platforms, Naviance allows us to upload student data into the system to increase the accuracy of their research and facilitate their decision making.  Naviance has been invaluable to the College Office in its efforts to reach out to each and every student. 


Wagner High School offers a comprehensive library collection which provides students Internet access and extensive research resources.  Librarians are informed of all class projects enabling them to support our students in their research endeavors.  The library also has a desktop and laptop computer lab for students to complete research and other technology related instructional activities. 

The Library Media Center is available for student use on a daily basis from 7:20 A.M. to 2:30 P.M.   Additional services include: Homework Hub which takes place Wednesday through Friday from 2:30 – 3:15 P.M., and the College and Career Center which provides access to Naviance, the college related website and SAT/ACT tutorial. 


At, parents and students can access our online grade book and attendance system.  Pupilpath allows both parents and students to see attendance, class assignments, exam scores, and other information from individual classes, including transcript and standardized test score information.  The system also allows parents, students, and teachers to contact one another via email. 


With the NYC Schools Account, you will be able to view your child’s attendance, grades, and contact information in one of ten languages on a computer, phone or tablet. You must be your child’s parent or legal guardian and live at the same address as he or she to create an account. For more information and registration, please contact our Parent Coordinator.  


Kid Connect is an online resource that provides students and parents access to real life, evidence based video and print resources of the following topics:  Attendance and Achievement, Bullying and Violence Prevention, Character Development and Life Skills, College and Career Readiness, Culturally Relevant Education, Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Digital Citizenship. 


Wagner High School offers our students a wide range of Guidance and Academic Intervention Services (tutoring) to assist students in meeting academic expectations.  These services are offered before, during and after the school day.  This includes intense Regents/tutoring immediately prior to these exams which are scheduled in January, June and August.  National Honor Society Peer   Tutoring is available during all lunch periods and Liberty Partnership (CSI student/tutor) tutoring is available from 8:00 A.M. through 2:00 P.M. in the school library. 


Our innovative Technology program offers students a stimulating program with a variety of business courses including Microsoft and Adobe applications.  Wagner High School’s technology infrastructure includes seven computer classroom labs, a Library desktop and laptop lab and over 100 classrooms equipped with SmartBoard and Promethean interactive whiteboards.  The entire school building is completely wired for Internet access via a dedicated T3 line.  Our network includes wireless access points in all classroom and laboratory areas. 


The Coordinator of Student Activities oversees the election of Student Government officers, and school events such as the New Student Luncheon and the International Festival.  The COSA oversees all grade extra-curricular activities including senior events, such as the senior trip and prom.  The COSA also promotes student involvement in clubs and develops leadership skills through student involvement in implementation and facilitation of all the above. 


At Wagner High School, our Parent Coordinator runs a very active office assisting parents with issues or concerns that may arise during the high school experience.  The Parent Coordinator will help parents navigate their way through the educational process and is available during regular school hours, and after school.  The goal of the Parent Coordinator is to work interactively between the school and parent community fostering a partnership that leads to academic success. 


It is the mission of our Alumni Association, the Susan E. Wagner Foundation, Inc., to reunite those who participated in the successes, both past and present, of our school.  The Foundation reaches out to graduates to further the goals of SEWHS by raising funds through donations from multiple sources including graduates, local businesses and large corporations.  These funds will be used for academic enrichment, support for extracurricular activities, capital improvements and college scholarships.  To join the Alumni Association, please go to, Alumni Directory, to enter your information. 


African Culture



Arena (Video Game)


Asian American

Asian Dance

ASPCA (Paws for a Cause)

Ballroom Dancing

Belly Dance


Black Box Theatre

Blue Out (Pep Rally)



Chess / Board Game

Chinese Dance



Creative Writing

Dance Company

Debate Club




Federal Reserve Challenge



Gay Straight Alliance






International Festival






Korean Fan Dance


Loving Bones

Math Team

Media Arts

Mock Trial

Modern Korean Dance

Moot Court

Movie Club



National Honor Society

New Student Luncheon




Senior Awards

Senior Breakfast

Senior Faculty Games

Senior Luncheon

Senior Prom

Show Choir


Smash Brothers (Video Game)


Sports Data Analysis

Spring Musical

Sri Lankan

Step Team

Student Government Senate



Wagner Pride Parade

Weightlifting, Strengthening and   Conditioning:

   Baseball, Basketball, Flag Football, Football Softball, Volley Ball

West Indian

Winter / Spring Concerts






Baseball – Varsity                                                      

Baseball – Jr. Varsity                                   

Basketball – Varsity                                                 

Basketball – Jr. Varsity                                         

Basketball – Freshman                                          

Bowling – Varsity                                                      

Cross Country – Varsity                                         

Football – Varsity                                          

Football –  Jr. Varsity                               

Golf – Varsity                                          

Handball – Varsity                             

Indoor Track – Varsity                                         

Lacrosse – Varsity                                         

Outdoor Track – Varsity                                       

Soccer – Varsity                                                   

Swimming – Varsity                                                  

Tennis – Varsity                                                   

Volleyball – Varsity                                             

Wrestling – Varsity                                                    



Badminton – Varsity

Basketball – Varsity

Basketball – Jr. Varsity

Bowling – Varsity

Cross Country – Varsity

Flag Football – Varsity

Golf – Varsity

Gymnastics – Varsity

Handball – Varsity

Indoor Track – Varsity

Lacrosse – Varsity

Outdoor Track – Varsity

Soccer –Varsity

Softball - Varsity

Softball –Jr. Varsity

Stunt (Cheerleading) Varsity

Swimming – Varsity

Table Tennis – Varsity

Tennis – Varsity

Volleyball – Varsity

Volleyball – Jr. Varsity