College Office
Linda Bunnicelli
Assistant Principal,Guidance
Phone: (718) 698-4200 ext. 1022   Fax 718-698-5213
Jessica N. O'Connell, BA, MsEd, MS School Counseling
College & Career Counselor
Phone: (718) 698-4200 ext. 1943
College Office staff are available to answer questions periods from 7am-3pm. We are closed during period 1 and 8. You are also welcome to email me; if you do so, include full name and official class in email.
Loren Lee
College & Career Office Secretary
Phone: (718) 698-4200 ext. 1941
Cyndi Patterson
College & Career Office Aide
Phone: (718) 698-4200 ext. 1942

The College and Career Office is located in Room A194. Come visit us and make use of our services. We’re here to help you!

Please continue to use our Naviance website to research colleges, careers and scholarships.  Pretty much any issue related to college can be found on this site!  The link can be found under the STUDENTS tab, under NAVIANCE. Your username is your OSIS number; your password is your birthdate, in this format: 1/2/1995. Include the slashes, and exclude any zeroes in front of single digit month or day.

One-to-One Advising – The College and Career Counselor is available for conferences about college planning. Every student is urged to make an appointment either in the spring of the junior year or fall of the senior year. Appointments are on a first come, first served, limited basis.

College Presentation – During the spring term the College Counselor holds a junior-class presentation to discuss the college application process and to answer any questions students may have.

College Visits – Each year approximately 40 to 50 colleges visit our high school to discuss college programs. The most up-to-date list of visits is posted outside the CCO, and announcements are made daily. Students who are interested in attending one of these sessions obtain a pass in the College and Career Office during their free period.

College Applications
– Please follow the instructions for applying to college, found here:

College Entrance Exams
– Materials for the SAT I, SAT II-subject tests, ACT (American College Testing), and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) are available in the College and Career Office. Fee waivers are available if you qualify based on income. To receive a fee waiver, you must be eligible for free or reduced lunch whether you eat lunch or not. Fill out a lunch form at 

Scholarship Information
– Scholarships are available on Naviance: Colleges: Scholarships and Money. Please see page 12 of this document. 

Financial Aid Counseling – A Financial Aid Information Night will be held on Oct. 16, 6pm in the auditorium. Information on how to fill out the FAFSA and CSS/Financial Aid Profile is available in the CCO. You cannot fill out the FAFSA form until October of your senior year.