Student Government
Mission Statement

Students at Wagner High School are encouraged to participate in the Student Government (SG). Through this group, students can express their ideas and opinions, raise funds, and sponsor special events. Each class elects a President to the grade council.  Elections for Student Government officers are held annually. All students are encouraged to join their grade councils as class representatives. The Student Government Government meet every day during 5th period in the SG office.

The Student Government Senate is open to all students in the school.  The Senate consists of students selected by their learning centers (Senators) as well as students who would like to join (Delegates).  All Student Government Officers, Senators and Delegates meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month in the Student Government Office.

The SG office is located in the back of the cafeteria. For more information, please feel welcome to call the Student Government at (718) 698-4200, ext. 1975.

Student Government Officers 2019-2020

Marina Fanous- Student Government President 

Rehna Roshin- Student Government Vice President 

Resmine Tayeh- Sophomore Class President 

Olivia Wu- Technology Manager 

Nuri Musleh- Public Relation Officer 

Leah Diel- HIstorian

Elsean Santos- Secretary

Coordinator of Student Activities

Samantha Myers 
Student Government Office: (718) 698-4200  Extension 1975