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Susan Wagner captures PSAL boys’ bowling city championship

By Matthew Angell |

As coach Timothy McAullife put it, the Susan Wagner boys' bowling team “would not be denied.”

While he addressed the crowd after the Falcons' captured their second PSAL city championship in five years, he explained how he had been told at the beginning of the season about how good his team would become in the next couple of years, but the time for SW was now as it defeated McKee/Staten Island Tech, 2-1.

“These kids deserve it,” said McAullife. “They’re such good kids, they’re all young, they’re gentlemen, and they really deserved this. They would not be denied. They got better every game of the season.”

Nick Palmeri came through in one of the biggest moments possible. In the championship C game where the lead was fluctuating constantly, Palmeri stepped up in the last set of the 10th frame and hit two strikes and knocked down seven pins to close the door.

“He’s our highest average bowler,” said McAullife. “He’s been there before. He had just a little spot mid-game where he lost his target just a bit, but he made an adjustment and finished off strong. He locked it out. It was a pretty close match it was about a 20-pin match and once he hit the strikes, Falcons win.”

“I just went up there and I bowled,” said Palmeri. “I threw my shot and got the strike. Last year our team wasn’t as good as we are now, but we’ve improved a lot, we made our spares, and that’s what it takes to win.”

Nick Vollaro had the highest score in the C game with 247.

The Falcons were able to win the A game as Vollaro (203), Alex Santos (188), Bobby Pepe (180), and Palmeri (193) put together a strong performance to win, 855-778.

“Nick Vollaro our leadoff guy is as steady as they come,” said McAullife. “He was complete money today. The second bowler is Alex Santos he’s our new freshman; he bowled absolutely phenomenal this year and he had to make a few adjustments in that championship C match and he pulled it off and finished strong. Bobby Pepe is our captain, he was pretty lined up he made some shots that went high and just had to make a slight adjustment and was good to go. And then Nick Palmeri, that’s why we pay him the big bucks.”

McKee/Staten Island Tech won the B game 757-722 as Evan Wu fired a 244. Yousef Dardier bowled a 201 for the Falcons and Steven Souffrin added a 184.

“Our B team is phenomenal,” said McAullife. “They were undefeated all year; that was their first loss and they bowled well today, but Tech just bowled better. They had one guy bowl a big game and the others were consistent, hats off to them. We didn’t beat ourselves, they beat us.”