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Bring It! S'well Water Bottles coming soon!

Why Bring It? NYC DOE Office of Sustainability has started a campaign for all NYC Public School students to receive a reusable water bottle from S'well to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles. #BRINGITNYC

Today, we’re asking you to BRING IT!

To get you started, you and your classmates will each receive a new reusable water bottle from S’well. It will keep your water cold all day, and when you bring your reusable bottle everywhere you go, you show that one person’s actions make a difference for our city and our planet.


Humans around the world purchase a staggering one million plastic bottles per minute! They’re used once and then thrown away. If not recycled, that plastic breaks down and it ends up in our soil and food supply, ultimately impacting our health. Gross. You can change that.

When you each BRING IT and carry a reusable bottle everywhere you go, you can prevent about 167 plastic bottles from ending up in our trash each year. When you and your classmates BRING IT, we can keep 54 million plastic bottles out of our trash.

Go to to learn more and stay tuned for information on how you can get involved with the BRING IT movement in school this year.