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Bulletin Board

1.     Students receive a presentation regarding the New York City Department of Education’s Disciplinary Code of Behavior in their physical education class.

 2.    Students must present their student I.D. card upon entering the school building.

 3.    Always carry your I.D. card and program card and present them upon the request of a staff


 4.    Always be where your program card indicates you should be.

 5.    Use the Main Entrance to enter the building when you arrive at school.  If you arrive before

         the start of classes, you must wait in the cafeteria or the main campus.  Students whose

         programs end early must wait in the auditorium.

 6.     At no time may you loiter in the halls, stairwells, grounds, or vicinity of the school.  YOU



 7.      Alcoholic beverages, drugs, and other illegal substances are forbidden.

 8.     Smoking is prohibited in the school building and on school property.

 9.     Gambling is prohibited in the school building and on school property.

10.    Hats, caps, and other inappropriate headwear (e.g., bandannas, stockings, etc.) may not be

         worn in the building by male or female students.  They will be confiscated and only 

         returned to your parent or guardian, who will be required to come to the school.  (Also

         see the "Dress Code" located in the Wagner Handbook).

11.    In order to use the elevator, you must first obtain written permission from the Deans' Office

         and or the AP/Instructional Support Services.

12.    By Chancellor's Regulation, any student who uses or is in possession of a weapon; uses

         force or inflicts serious injury upon school personnel; uses extreme force against or inflicts

         serious injury upon other students; sells or distributes or is in possession of illegal

         drugs, or engages in behavior which creates a substantial risk or results in injury, will be

         suspended by the Superintendent and may be expelled from school. 

13.    In order to participate in extracurricular activities, you must be a paid member of the student 

         government.  In addition, no books or money may be owed to the school.  All applicable eligibility

         requirements must be met.  Excessive absence and/or lateness or repeated violation of the Code of

        Behavior will result in exclusion from these activities.

14.   Always conduct yourself properly.  Anything that is illegal, infringes on the rights of others,

        or interferes with the educational process is forbidden and will result in disciplinary action. 

        The behavior listed below under "Department of Education Citywide Standards of Conduct

        and Disciplinary Measures" is also prohibited.

15.   Bullying, cyber bullying, use of derogatory comments, racial, ethnic, or religious slurs, or       

        other inappropriate remarks or actions will not be tolerated and will be dealt with

        immediately and the appropriate penalties will be imposed.  If necessary, law enforcement

        will be notified.

16.  Students who receive suspension attend school from 7:20am – 9:20am in the suspension room.               

       Attendance is taken and school work is provided.  Students are dismissed at 9:20am.

17.  Students who walk the hallways AFTER the late bell rings, will be picked up by a dean and given detention.